Best dry shampoo?

Best dry shampoo?

I heard Monat has a good one, but haven’t tried it yet. What other ones work good?  I’m currently using moroccan oil…not my fave. ?

June Russell: Batiste or Toni and guy ?

Ricardo Andrews: Is Batiste healthy for hair? I’ve only used salon products/brands for years, but I have heard that’s a popular one.

Kimberly Brown: Another vote for Batiste.

Emersyn Kim: Matrix also has a good 1

Mary Torres: I like Amika

Paxton Santiago: I like Monat the best. I also like Indie and Kloranes dry shanpoo w oat milk.

Ricardo Andrews: Your dog is so stinkin cute! I have a Puggle. I love those wrinkle noses ❤

Eric Edwards: Amika

Asher Gonzalez: Aveda

Blake Houston: Kenra first tigi second. Before getting tied to a company that you have to order through a rep just research then on the BBB :).

Gabriela Phillips: Sebastian dry clean only

Luna Logan: Wella EiMi Dry Shampoo

Georgia Cole: Batiste or Amika!

Dallas Nelson: Amika is amazing. And it smells fantastic

Bristol Lyons: I really like living proof! No gritty feel, just clean!

Sasha Flowers: Kevin Murphy fresh hair

Maximus Barnes: Amika is my favorite! Ive tried a lot.

Bethany Bates: Bed head is my favorite.

Santiago Lamb: Amika

Zayden Banks: I love the Monat dry shampoo, doesn’t leave residue.

Zayden Banks: Terry Acton thank you. It’s pretty rude to laugh at people for the product they use.

Emely Sherman: Amika!

Jace Wade: Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo, no white cast and they have an unscented version.

Ricardo Andrews: Are they natural?

Lola Ortiz: Yes, Michaela.

Annie Walker: Amika, bed head in the lime geeen and black can and matrix style links are and pretty good.

Riley Allen: Bed head!

Dayana Klein: Batiste all the way!!!

Beau Washington: BATISTE Hint of Color Dry Shampoo

Leila Palmer: Amika

Leilani Santiago: Batiste!!!

Emiliano Ortega: Amika my absolute fave

Alexia Rivera: Amika, or Moroccan oil

Lauren Jimenez: Redken pillow proof 2 day extender or pulp riot

Mackenzie Diaz: Another vote for Batiste ??Monat is good, but so expensive. So I tried Batiste and love it. It is every bit as good as Monat’s. My hair feels clean, with no residue or buildup, and smells so good. And I also only use salon products as well. Batiste is the only “non salon” product I use

Katie Ramsey: Redken and bedhead are my favorite for professional But if I’m in a pinch at target I will grab the not your mothers dry shampoo and I really like that one and it’s only $4

Maya Perkins: I love Pssst. Yep that’s the name. It smells good and always gives me great volume, too! Plus, not expensive!

Scarlett Reese: Wella

Daleyza Cross: Herval Essence is great honestly and really affordable

Henry Reynolds: Eimi

Zayden Myers: Davines

Jase Miller: Redken or living proof

Leslie Moore: Aveda

Vanessa Bell: IGK. They have three different dry shampoos based on how dirty your hair is.

Ryan Gutierrez: My favorite is the not your mothers

Joel Henry: Bed head Bee hive is my favorite

Dominic Chambers: Love Oribe ❤

Sierra Cohen: Second this!!

Kinsley Ray: Aveda

Tyler Fleming: I love Monat dry shampoo

Jaxon Collins: I love Monat dry shampoo

Kyler Horton: Sexy hair and paul Mitchell both make a great day shampoo

Cecelia Fisher: The new bath and body works dry shampoo is great! No residue

Angelica Thornton: Amika

Aidan Benson: Big sexy hair is my fave

Maggie Garza: Not your mothers.

Christina Johnston: Living proof!!!!

Wren Casey: Amika!

Nova Gomez: I use arrow root powder on my roots <3

Ryker Carter: I love hair laundry from big sexy and Batiste!

Ricardo Andrews: Thanks so much for all the recommendations y’all! I’m looking for more of a natural route, so I’ll look up the ones mentioned. ?

Annalise Day: Living proof!!!! Omg it’s the best! Smells like heaven and works amazing too!

Makenzie Quinn: Monat is the best I’ve tried!

Reagan Barton: Kevin Murphy they have a few

Priscilla Wells: I wasn’t a fan of m oil dry shampoo either. I have dark hair and use Monat

Catalina Valdez: Redkin pillow proof

Ana Hudson: batiste

Henley Vargas: Monat best ever!!! Other drys leave a white powder… eww!

Teagan Harvey: Amika and joico!

Kameron Norton: Amika

Ricardo Andrews: Where do I get Amika? Is it natural? I do have a salon professional membership for the beauty supply stores, but I haven’t seen Amika.

Aidan Benson: They sell amika at cosmoprof here in Canada

Ricardo Andrews: Really? I didn’t see it at the Cosmoprof here, but I wasn’t really looking for that brand. I’ll have to check again. Thank you!

Oscar Myers: In kansas it’s not in cosmoprof. It is at our state beauty supply and salon centric tho.

Ricardo Andrews: Thankfully, all 3 of those (state, cosmo, & salon centric) are a block away from each other. I’ll check them all. Thanks ladies!

Elle Mills: i use the monat one, it’s nice that it doesn’t leave the white residue

Oscar Myers: Eva NYC is a pretty decent one.

Kayden Burton: Monat is the best one

Baylee Moss: Sebastian

Giuliana Padilla: Monat is AMAZING! Leaves no residue and allows you to go longer without washing! Actually conditions your hair rather than just covering with powder – definitely recommend!

Lola Ortiz: I absolutely LOATHE Monat’s dry shampoo. I switched to it from Dove dry shampoo and Batiste… it was absolutely horrible. Batiste and Not Your Mother’s are the best, in my opinion.

Mallory Chandler: Monat

Brantley Shaw: I really like Not Your Mother’s dry shampoo. you can get it at the pharmacy. I’m a hairdresser and can use pretty much any high end pro brand, and I always go back to NYM.

Brantley Shaw: someone else mentioned Amika, and I liked that one too.

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