Who has tried the new Matrix brass off shampoo?

Who has tried the new Matrix brass off shampoo?

Is it any better than their other toning shampoo?

Elliot Joseph: It made my hair really dry but I’ve seen good reviews from others on the website

Elliot Joseph: I also didn’t have any results in toning down the brass

Sawyer Lambert: I like it but I still love so silver.

Oscar King: I LOVE it. I’ve tried both and if you have hard water or get often orange tones in your hair, I suggest Brass off.

Adrian Thornton: Have you tried the mask?

Oscar King: No I have not ☹️ but I was hoping to soon, I just have the shampoo currently!

Jordan Coleman: Be careful thisnis NOT meant for platinum or light blonde hair. This is for levels 8 and under. They also have an intense treatment as well. I have a client who faithfully usesnit on her level 8 highlights ans she has a beautiful beige blonde. Your hair should not be dry using this. If your hair is lacking protein, the moisture will lack as well. Also remember oils are important to hair for shine and elasticity so if you normally have dry hair thsn you may need oils, like Argan oil.

Oscar King: I use brass off and my hair is just fine

Jordan Coleman: I love it!!!!

Finn Park: So what would be for levels above 8?

Skyler Hamilton: I have level 10 & use….i get amazing results

Eliza Clark: I love the mask in the brass off line, I use the shampoo on clients all the time and get good results

Oscar King: How does the mask compare to the shampoo?

Eliza Clark: Very conditioning but doesn’t leave you slimy. Packed full of pigment

Skyler Hamilton: Before using Brass off

Skyler Hamilton: After 1 use of brass off

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