Best shampoo and conditioner for oily hair?

Best shampoo and conditioner for oily hair?

Joshua Mendez: Joico ph balancing shampoo.. comes in a blue container. I use it on my oily hair and works great

Jacqueline Becker: Do they sale it at sallys

Joshua Mendez: They should 🙂

Isaac Parsons: Joico is a professional brand. It is not going to be sold at Sally’s

Joshua Mendez: They sell Joico at Walmart so likely Sallys will have it.. otherwise.. any Solana that use Joico products will carry it

Isaac Parsons: They sell Joico at Wal-Mart because of diversion.

Isaac Parsons: Diversion is when 3rd parties sell false professional products. Usually they are expired, watered down, or a completely differemt product.

Isaac Parsons: Joico can only be trusted and guarenteed its use when sold from a professional salon or off of their official website.

Joshua Mendez: Yes it’s a thing, usually when ordered off of amazon and ebay. The stuff at Walmart is not watered down

Isaac Parsons: Sure as help is expired though. I can’t tell how many products I see in stores that compamies no longer make.

Joshua Mendez: Oh most definitely

Isaac Parsons: And if you’ve never purchased the real thing and have only purchased from Wal-Matt, how would you know?

Isaac Parsons: So Joico, being a salon professional product, will not be sold in Sally’s

Joshua Mendez: Let’s try to keep this post on topic:) She asked for brands, not quality compared to salon products and Walmart bought products

Isaac Parsons: She asked of they sell it at Sally’s. I gave the reason why they would not when she was told she might.

James Pratt: ULTA sells it. Sallys does not

Martin Gibson: Beauty brands may have joico.

Jacqueline Becker: It seems like all the shampoos & conditioners I use are leaving a film on my hair….makung it oily. ?

Jesse Lee: Sounds like it might be a silicone build up

Cash Carlson: Interested

Emmett Patterson: It would be good to use a clarifying shampoo once a week to get the film off of ur hair a lot of nonprofessional products r filled with waxes. Another option if ur naturally oily is to get a salon shampoo and use a leave in conditioner after u get out of the shower instead of regular conditioner.

Jacqueline Becker: I just bought some! Ty…lets see if it helps. ?

Isaac Parsons: What is your hair texture?What is tour hair density?How often are you washing your hair?

Josie Kelley: Do you know of any shampoo that is sold in south africa i have the same problem

Phoenix Armstrong: The rainforest balance shampoo and conditioner from the body shop

Martin Gibson: Aveda brilliant ❤

Madelynn Walsh: What is your hair product history

Malia Hanson: Kevin Murphy Balancing Wash

Cadence Yates: Surface Bassu, shit you not

Jacqueline Becker: Thank you!

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