Best shampoo & conditioner for fine hair?

Best shampoo & conditioner for fine hair?

Not looking for more volume, just something that doesn’t weigh the hair down. Looking for a shampoo which gives a squeaky clean feeling without stripping and a conditioner which helps dry, split ends without being too heavy. I’ve tried so many, most recently Joico, and have never found one I love. I hate the left over heavy product feeling most leave. Any help is greatly appreciated ?

Marilyn Pearson: Living proof’s full shampoo and conditioner. I love it!

Marilyn Pearson: Plus, a little goes a really long way.

Melanie Frank: Thank you so much!

Cecilia Lawrence: Matrix biolage volume bloom

Melanie Frank: Thank you! ?

Jameson Wade: If it’s squeaky clean all the oils have been stripped. Squeaky clean is bad for your hair and scalp

Melanie Frank: Otherwise my hair is puffy and has this awful film feeling to it. My hair is fine and very straight. I just want it to be soft, silky and shiny not feel puffy and dirty ?

Jameson Wade: Melanie Frank: then you’re using the wrong cleansing products for you. You’ll also need product and to blow dry your hair to keep it at bay.

Melanie Frank: Jameson Wade: yes I assume I’m using the wrong products but I don’t know how to find the right products/know what I should be using!

Jameson Wade: You really need to see someone in person. Go to a hair salon or training salon and let them know what your hair is lacking.

Raegan Green: Nioxin

Scarlett Buchanan: Kerastase Densite

Adriana Griffin: I have fine hair and use a coconut co wash from Sally’s plus a natural leave in spray conditioner. I wore a helmet yesterday in a 100+ mile charity motorcycle ride and hot/humid out. My hair looked awesome at evey stop when the helmet came off even at the end of the day!!

Skyla Young: Lanza healing volume shampoo and conditioner, it is a very clean shampoo and light as well, also it has cashmere keratin and a heat protectant built into the technology. I can’t rave enough about how great this product line is!

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