Best smelling dry shampoo for dark hair?

Best smelling dry shampoo for dark hair?

Kayleigh Gross: Batiste original is my favorite, just brush your hair after and the white should be gone or use it before bed and you won’t have to worry about brushing it out and it’d works even better if used before bed

Theodore Mullins: I use one from lush. It’s the only one I’ll use.

Noah Garrett: Im pretty sure batiste has a tinted one for dark hair also ive never smelled it or tried it tho.

Kayleigh Gross: Noah Garrett: they do but doesn’t smell very great

Noah Garrett: Kayleigh Gross: o dunno why they cant just all smell like baby powder cuz big sexys dry shampoo I couldn’t stand the smell of so i use the not your mom’s brand now

Nina Sanchez: The Batiste is okay, but you don’t get a lot out of the can and it doesn’t work super great compared to others. It may be pricey, but Redken just released a tinted one. I also love Living Proof and Amika.

Nina Sanchez: Lush’s No Drought is great too, but it built up my scalp a lot.

Journee Sanchez: For dark hair. Lol

Noah Garrett: There are tinted dry shampoos for darker hair

Journee Sanchez: My apologies. I just learned something! And I am a pro! ? Always learning. ?

Lexi Ross: If Lush No Draught is used correctly, even though it’s a white powder, it won’t show up at all.It smells AMAZING.

Mackenzie Underwood: Surface Trinity dry shampoo. It’s expensive but amazing. No residue at all on dark or light hair. And t smells really good too.

Lena Burns: Esalon dry shampoo. Sylvia has 50% off code and it smells amazing!

Jeremiah Brooks: Coconut Oil dry shampoo. You can get it at Winners

Lorelai Vega: I love my dry shampoo

Azalea Houston: Bed head bee hive smells amazing! I love it

Gunner Fisher: Ouai dry shampoo you can get it at Sephora for $28, it smells really good and your hair feels clean after putting it in your hair

Savanna Schneider: Amika

Matteo Clark: Amika!

Anaya Martinez: Amika. The powder is dispersed easily

Mariana Warner: AG brunette

Nevaeh Harvey: OMG!!Redken has just come out with their Pillowproof style extender in brunette with active scent technology. Which means each time you ruffle your hair, the scent gets deactivated!!

Freya Watson: How much is it girl?

Jaxson Owen: Marc Anthony makes a completely clear dry shampoo, and it smells amazing!!! I went to a class all about beauty products, and they sprayed several dry shampoos on black paper, and that was the only one that was clear. ?

Cayden Copeland: Moroccanoil

Olivia Garner: I like Moroccan Oil’s dry shampoo for dark hair.

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