How long you can leave Joico Blue Shampoo and/or conditioner in?

How long you can leave Joico Blue Shampoo and/or conditioner in?

I’d like to use the shampoo on dry hair before I jump in the shower. Wondering how long is long enough? TIA!!

Lyric Crawford: Following! Does this work on level 7 hair as well

Stella Mccoy: Yes I have done that and it totally works. I left it on for 10 minutes and then showered and emulsified in the shower

Luis Newman: I live in FLA and although I try to cover it when in the sun it’s pretty impossible. So I’d like to see how much brass I can tone down. What’s the longest length of time it’d be alright to leave it on?

Stella Mccoy: I would start with only 10-15 mins. It could leave a blue cast on your hair if it’s left too long. Sort of the same lines as purple shampoo. If you overuse it you get a lavender tint to your hair

Luis Newman: Stella Mccoy: Thanks!

Cheyenne Fisher: I have slept with the purple conditioner on my level 10 hair and only had a little bit of a purple color to it. Washed out the next time

Luis Newman: Anyone know if I should soak in the blue shampoo or the blue conditioner???? Which would work better?

Elle Warner: The shampoo has a lot more pigment. The conditioner has a slight amount of pigment. I would use the shampoo if you are needing more of the brass toned out.

Elle Warner: 15 minutes should be adequate. On damp hair.

Luis Newman: Thanks ladies!!

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