Quesion: If there’s no poo/low poo methods for hair wash, is there no poo methods for body wash too?

Quesion: If there’s no poo/low poo methods for hair wash, is there no poo methods for body wash too?

Hey all! I hope this isn’t a weird question but if there’s no poo/low poo methods for hair wash, is there no poo methods for body wash too? tia!

Rachel Chambers: I was thinking the same

Claire Yates: Yes…I make mine using Castile soap, honey, olive oil and castor oil 🙂

Erin Ricketts: Measurements please? TIA❤

Claire Yates:

Jennifer Stryker: I use just enjo fibers and water to clean my skin. I haven’t used soap / body wash in ages and love the effect on my skin. 🙂

Bushrah Baig: What about any odour?

Jennifer Stryker: Bushrah Baig The fibers work pore deep and remove the bacteria that would cause odor. Soaps just cover odors, they don’t necessarily get rid of them. I don’t wear perfumes and I rarely wear deodorant anymore! I love the natural scent my babies / children have with not being covered in soap scent. 🙂

Alison Wysocki Thiebault: I mix dr bronnners castile soap with vegetables glycerin and water as my body wash. And for a facewash I use witch hazel, tea tree essential oil, and vegetable glycerin.

Ruby Lane: We make our own dr bronzers! And it’s better!

Alison Wysocki Thiebault: I’ve looked up the recipe for it. I wouldn’t feel it worth it for my household as it’s only 2 of us. It is fascinating how its made though.

Suzanne Douglas Terrazas: The oil cleansing method. There’s so much interesting information on the skins biodome.

Ann Marie: This is what I use on my face.

Mia Bullard: Shea Moisture has body wash.

Lizzy White: I use their bar soap forboth my hair and body ??

Susan Mc Cann: Id say most people use natural soaps for body washing. I do anyway. I have to say Ive never used too much soap or body wash and rely on a really good face cloth and oils afterwards. My body prefers it.

Megan Riddington: Only use bar soap on pits and feet, water only elsewhere

Julie W. Strange: … And crack.

Megan Riddington: Nope water only there too, no thrush for me please!

Beata Ng: Thrush only happens on your tongue. I think you mean good old vag yeast infection.

Julie W. Strange: Jeezuss I meant your back crack!!! Fecal bacteria aren’t that good for you either. Of course no soap there duh.

Amanda Winther: I’ve made a really awesome natural scrub with coconut or almond oil (depending on your skin) or both, sugar and coffee.

Jennifer Perry: I just use my shea moisture baby shampoo on everything

Sharron Italia: I add glycerin, xanthan gum (sometimes) and olive oil to shikakai and/or soapnuts mix. It doesn’t go on my face because soapnuts & eyes =? For face cleansing i use hemp oil or just water ?

Sarah Gilmore Seagraves: Gonna have to try this.

Sharron Italia: Sarah Gilmore Seagraves I’m still working my way through that book you recommended; very interesting. Found out i have the wrong vitamin E for internal health, didn’t realise there were different types ?

Sarah Gilmore Seagraves: Yeah, there are synthetics to mimic almost every natural vitamin, but they don’t work the same way in the body. I love that book. It has done me so much good.

Bushrah Baig: I was wondering the same thing; saving this thread, its a goldmine lol

Min Yen Yap: How do you save a thread? ?

Sharron Italia: Go to the post top of this thread or any you want to save then click the 3 dots … in the righthand corner, there you’ll be given several options. Good for following posts too ?

Lauren Ranford: Water. And occasionally I use coffe grounds to exfoliate if my skin feels like it needs it.

Angela Mamie Balogh: I dont use body soap. I use a norwex body cloth. 🙂

Kristal Schut:


Angela Mamie Balogh: Norwex is life! ?

Suzie Sedevic: I don’t use soap on my body at all. There is no smell and my skin is healthy not dry at all.

Emily Ford: Hot water and a flannel!

Min Yen Yap: ?Thank you all for your tips!

Lisa Combs: I found these awesome olive oil and goats milk soaps in Tarpon Springs at a store that makes them and also sells natural sea sponges. All natural and I LOVE the effect on my skin:https://lorisoapandsponges.com/index.html

Lori’s Soap & Sponges

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