Can bastiste dry shampoo thin your hair?

Can bastiste dry shampoo thin your hair?

So I had heard that using bastiste dry shampoo can thin your hair. At the time, I just started using it and loved it but now I feel like it is thinning my hair. So, I’m looking for recommendations on dry shampoos!

Eve Schmidt: I love marrco oil dry shampoo and I use baby powder to everyday even if not dirty because I like the look

Laila Chambers: Ditto on MO

Millie Reynolds: I use batiste sometimes def never noticed any hair thinning but there’s a brand called not your mother’s dry shampoo I really like.

Fernanda Valdez: I use Batiste every day and my hair is super thin, not sure if that’s contributing though ?

Amira Olson: I have fine hair to begin with but I’ve noticed in the last few months it’s gotta worse, I lose a fair amount of hair in the shower, I know what’s my normal loss and what’s not. It could be hormone issues too but I dont know

Fernanda Valdez: Yeah I think hormones may be a big player. I’ve come off the contraceptive pill and my hair is getting thinner

Samara Rios: Did whoever told you that say why it can thin it? If it does you’ll want something that contains different ingredients.

Amira Olson: I had a few people say the same thing so I’m not sure

Killian Holmes: In a way, all dry shampoo is bad if used improperly. It’s spray fragrance powder in a can. If you use it too much without properly cleansing your scalp, it’ll eventually clog your pores and cause issues. That being said, I like Surface’s Trinity and Sebastian Dry Clean Only.

Grace Stewart: Love Sebastian’s!

Priscilla Andrews: I use not your mothers dry shampoo. Even on days that i wash my hair. I love the thickening properties that it gives my hair. Also it puts texture in my hair so it will stay styled and full of volume. (My hair is straight and long and baby fine and is oily by the end of the day or EOD)

Journey Myers: Bumble and bumble pret a powder. It’s a powder vs aerosol and it gives you lots of volume while soaking up oil! I even use it for my updos.

Itzel Mendoza: Miracle Extender

Alice Mendoza: Bosley Pro dry shampoo. It don’t have any white residue. It is made for fine hair.

Eduardo Roberts: I had very thin hair but since using batiste it’s gone alot thicker even my hair dresses said how thicker it’s gone xx

Abigail Gibson: Love batiste I use it everyday. I’m always told my hair is very thick for how fine it is.

Catalina Lucas: Target caries a brand and it’s like food for hair or something like that? I use their sulfate free shampoo, conditioner, and dry shampoo- looooove it

Lane Anderson: This is what I love

Adaline Elliott: Amika for sure. Love it.

Catalina Lucas: Hair food!! So goodSmells so nice

Ariel Holland: Dry bar dry shampoo is amazing

Messiah Kennedy: The dry bar is my favorite

Iris Roberson: I’ve had the same problem with EVERY dry shampoo I’ve tried ? my hair is getting so thin and I hate it.

Elisa Newton: It can build up. .do diluted ACV rinsed prior to shampooing to remove buildup.

Chase Farmer: Baby powder lovelies, so much better for the hair, if your hair is dark, you can try adding a little cocoa into it or using a small amount and just rubbing it in a bit

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