What shampoo and conditioner do you love best?

What shampoo and conditioner do you love best?

Jayla Parker: Deva curl no poo and one condition original, and curls blueberry bliss

Ada Dixon: GK shampoo and Argan oil deep conditioner

Caroline Harvey: medavita 🙂

Amira Campbell: Monat! (Not a presenter)

Xavier Higgins: Shea Moisture sulfate free and Sauve Essentials that’s silicone free 🙂

Lennon Gomez: Biolage

Leonardo Griffin: Lanza

Jenna Mann: Davines love

Juniper Hubbard: Pureology hydrate

Miracle Mendoza: Eufora & Alterna caviar

Kyler Rowe: Bumble & Bumble AmikaPureology My fave brands

Connor Rhodes: Flawless moisture shampoo and conditioner and the smoothing shampoo and conditioner as well

Zander Zimmerman: Monat!

Carly Milburn:

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Makenzie Reese: Aveda

Josie Matthews: Agreed!! ?

Noelle Frazier: Matrix

Maia Estrada: Redken

Messiah Wong: L’Anza

Isla Palmer: Davines Oi

Alaina Rowe:

Ariana Johnston: Monat

Eric Bryant: Living Proof Restore for damaged hair and Paul Mitchel Tea Tree line: Lavender Mint Moisturizing for dry hair!

Eva Schwartz: Neutrogena triple moisture line

Ariyah Walsh: Pureology

Ethan Schultz: Redken

Jordan Alvarez: Goldwell Color Rich! So amazing and smells soooo good!

Kate Hansen: Moroccan oil. The best!

Hannah Reyes: Pantene shampoo& Conditioner

Joanna Mckinney: Aveda shampure

Charli Burgess: Pureology and unite

Avianna Jackson: Keune Satin Oil! ?

Joel Santos: Paul Mitchell tea tree

Danielle Hall: Monat

Aubree Frazier: Pureology

Natalie Cox: Depends if you color your hair you want something for that you wouldn’t want to use tea tree oil on it or a clarifying one. If you have dry or oily hair.. etc. My favorite brand that smells amazing is Biolage. I also love SmartStyles make a great conditioner can’t remember name but it’s green and really thick great for people with really hard to brush hair.

Felicity Lambert: Lanza Keratin Healing Oil

Collin Stevens: Oribe goldlust! The best and it smells amazing!!!

Abigail Newton: Right now I am using Keratase………but, I do like Pureology also.

Matthew Cole::

Abigail Newton: Wonder if someone has started a Class Action suit on this or Wen ???

Matthew Cole: Wen! ?

Kaleb Russell: Wen has been sued for sure ! Major hair loss

Judah Williams: Just curious why there would be a class action lawsuit started on Monat? I don’t use or sell this but it is popping up everywhere these days. And surprisingly licensed stylists are selling it?!

Matthew Cole: Im not sure why people automatically assume this. It’s strange. It’s too bad actually because it’s a really nice product.

Angelina Morris: Anything sulfate free. Coconut scent is awesome. All….. “natural”

Abigail Newton: The Fragrance of MORROCANOIL is AWESOME !!!! <3 <3

Rebecca Wolfe: Monat!!! ❤

Raelynn Wilkins: I use wella luxe oil for my shampoo love what it does for my hair!! And I don’t use conditioner I use a mask! Wella luxe oil collection! Smells like heaven in a bottle ( best way to explain it lol)

Omar Peterson: Monat

Erin Todd: Joico kpack

Melody Logan: Obliphica hands down ❤

Ethan Schultz: That’s what I’m trying next!

Melody Logan: Ethan Schultz: I love it… unfortunately my boyfriend loves it too, so we go through a good bit. Great thing is it’s very concentrated so a small bottle lasts a long time.

Angelina Morris: Yup not with me tho…I wash my hair twice and at least 3 times a week. But luv it. That sulfate free is def. the #1 thing to you. And good for yur dude too. Really is much healthier.

Elena Flores: Monat

Ariella Ward: MONAT

Dominic Holloway: Ouai

Judah Parsons: Paul Mitchell lavender mint

Rafael Banks: Kerastase original formula

Liana Santos: Skinn collagenesis…sulphur free, paraben free, no silicones & every wash is a treatment say goodbye to split ends as I have ever since I started using it over a year ago

Giovanni Green: Everyone saying Monat, just wants you to buy it from them.Wella brilliance is my favorite, and you can buy it for a pretty good price at Ulta, compared to the cost of other professional brand haircare!

Erin Todd: No joke they all sell it.

Abigail Newton: I’m not against “trying” it…….(Monat) I have thinning hair already…..I sure don’t want the rest to FALL OUT !!!!! :-O

Giovanni Green: Just try Nioxin and play it safe!

Erin Todd: Nioxin has been around for a long time. It’s help cleanse the scalp and is effective at promoting re growth. It might make some of your hair fall out at first but that’s because it was hair that was already going to fall with in the next week. Some peo…See more

Josie Matthews: Aveda damage remedy line is great! If you have a lot of breakage, restored my blonde bleached over-processed hair!

Camilla Robbins: Matrix, Delorenzo or Fanola 🙂

Blakely Armstrong: ohh so many… hmm my top favorite is pureology reviving red. The only shampoo for colored redheads thats amazing!

Aubrie Miles: Aveda!!!

Leila Brewer: Big by Lush. It makes your hair super soft while adding volume

Kyler Johnson: Monat. Hands down the best!

Renata Griffith: I’m a Joico K-Pack fan

Corbin Reid: Monat all natural products.

Steven Hansen: Matrix cleansing conditioner

Justice Mccormick: Wen, Malibu Blondes, Paul Mitchell, Redken

Kylee Brock: I can’t remember the name it’s in a purple bottle with a kangaroo on it ….. ? jk I enjoy a waxy build up I buy Pantene pro V Ok ok I’m done I like redkin Extreme in the blue bottles …. it’s packed with protein for damage and to keep hair healthy and grow !!! ” Redkin blue ” is usually sold out of liters at Cosmo when I go !!!

Eva Schwartz: Aussie I think

Kylee Brock: Eva Schwartz: it was a joke ??‍♀️

Skye Powell: Wen for my own hair.and AG or blonde sexy for my blondes…..

Kaia Frazier: J&J Baby Shampoo with ion conditioner.

Alondra Schultz: Pravana Purple. ? Toning and moisturizing.

Holden Wells: My hairstylist that just chopped most of my hair off recommended redkin all soft and it’s been doing amazing so far. My hair doesn’t react well to protein products even though you would think it would need it. I just need moisture and its great

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