Do you wash hair before or after colouring?

Do you wash hair before or after colouring?

Zoe Bishop: If the hair is really dirty I will wash before. But washing before does make the scalp sensitive. So thats why I wash after?

Lyric Crawford: Following!!

Zoe Bishop: After?

Payton Ford: After

Lyric Crawford: Just curious how many days should it be washed before appt? Just asking because I know a lot of people who wash their hair only once a week.

Dean Hawkins: The build up on your hair from not washing for a couple days may not allow the color to take properly so freshly washed or 2nd day hair is preferable

Lyric Crawford: Ok thanks so much I have an appt coming up on the 8th. So i wanted to make sure!!

Kathryn Quinn: I would say a day or two max, depending on what your doing. If your lifting with a lightner it doesnt really matter a ton. But if depositing color, you dont want a barrier on the hair shaft.

Lyric Crawford: It will be both most likely.

Dean Hawkins: Lyric Crawford: welcome!

Kathryn Quinn: Then I would definitely agree with Dean Hawkins: ?

Payton Ford: I like to wait until day 2 so its still clean but not too dry

Carmen Mcbride: Clarify,towel dry then color

Talia Jacobs: Depends on the products u used..if it none professional I clarify than color is its professional I just color as long as its dry

Daniella Bush: Well if its dirty and has a build up, or sometimes before Im doing a full head lighten a clarifying shampoo can happen. Otherwise after color has processed then I inform not to wash again for 48 hrs

Jackson Bowers: If you dont wash it after, how will you remove the color ?

Sawyer Nelson: By jusr rinsing well I suppose

Jackson Bowers: Wash it after ; ) use a color safe shampoo and cool water.

Sawyer Nelson: Jackson Bowers: That was my plan and to not wash it for 48 hours after

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