How often do you wash your hair with hot heads tape ins?

How often do you wash your hair with hot heads tape ins?

I am a hairstylist and i have hot heads tape ins. Along with the corresponding shampoo, conditioner and masque. My question is…how often do you wash your hair with tape ins? Right now i only wash my hair once a week. I just dont want to over do it.

Brianna Hernandez: What does the company recommend or the stylist who put in the extensions? I usually recommend shampooing 1-2x per week. Depends on the person.

Brantley Ellis: Thank you ?

Brianna Hernandez: Brantley Ellis: you’re welcome, but I don’t know if this is the recommended care for your brand of extensions. Hopefully it will give you some help.

Brantley Ellis: Brianna Hernandez: i think you gave solid advice! ? its just that my hair is a bit thick and medium texture, and im in the process of going blonde. We did a good trim and of course my hair is a bit dry. So i wanted to know if i could just bump up washes to 2x a week to give my hair a lil tlc 🙂

Brantley Ellis: Perfect thats what i was thinking too. We did some research and it is once a week. Tape ins are expensive so i just wanted to make sure im on the right track. ?

Brody Neal: Most tape ins say every 3-4 days so you should be good.

Brantley Ellis: Thanks you guys!!

Brantley Ellis: Oh and one more question, in the summer i want to lift my hair again. My extensions are at a level 8 and my goal is a level 9 beige for summer. Do you think clear and 20 vol will get the color out of my extensions?

Brantley Ellis: They were blonde when i bought them but we balayaged them with 7b and 8b in the joico series

Brody Neal: Is do a strand test to see how they react. Some brands say deposit only.

Brantley Ellis: Of course! Thanks again girl! I might have to save up for some babes! Those were the best

Brody Neal: Brantley Ellis: yes

Brody Neal: You’re welcome

Karsyn Lopez: I honestly wash as much as my normal hair and it’s fine.. The only time I avoid doing them is when my hair is so yucky at the top so I’ll wash my top layer only because the rest take sooo long to dry ?

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