If I don’t wash my hair for a year, will it become healthier and longer?

If I don’t wash my hair for a year, will it become healthier and longer?

I read somewhere that a woman didn’t wash her hair for a year and it became even healthier and longer. What do you guys think about this? True or not true?

Mariam Walters: Hello I was wondering is there anybody out there who has tried or had experience with the “no poo” method. I am interested but dont know how to do it or how to train my hair.

Stephanie Dennis: Not true! Washing your hair less does not make it grow. Using quality products, regular hair cuts and very little heat styling will help you to maintain good growth. But hair unwashed for a year is just nasty!!

Braelyn Duncan: Ok just wondering i already use quality products and stopped using heat for a month now. Im trying to have my hair grow some more. Also trying to get rid of the heat damage. Slowly my natural curls ate coming back ?

Stephanie Dennis: It’s a slow process when there is already damage but it sounds like you are doing everything right. Don’t forget that small trims help to keep split ends minimized and helps to maintain length and hair health. You are making good choices and before you know it your hair will be healthy and shiny!

Braelyn Duncan: Thank you for that ? i cant wait!

Ana Boone: I agree 100%…saw a photos and it looked disgusting in my opinion

Nayeli Underwood: What you put in your body affects your growth way more than what you but on your head. Your hair gets nutrients from your body. However the hair is one of the last things that receive the nutrients you but in it because they will go to the most importa…See more

Mariam Walters: The above link is to another discussion about a similar question.

Braelyn Duncan: Thank you!

Mariah Rice: Gross. That’s what I think.

Silas Shelton: Not true

Mariam Walters: I think the story wasn’t that the person had not washed her hair in a year but may not have used *shampoo* to wash it.

Carson Hubbard: Just because people say they don’t wash their hair, doesn’t mean they really don’t wash their hair lol you don’t have to clean your hair with shampoo to have clean hair. You don’t want to be stripping the healthy oils from your head and hair by over washing with harsh soaps. But not cleaning your head will block the follicles and pores and make your head itchy and flakey and stinky.

Carson Hubbard: ? what she said lol

Braelyn Duncan: I think its gross too but i want my hair to grow and she was using other methods to clean her scalp i cant remember what they were

Aaliyah Burns: I have a client that rarely uses shampoo. Generally just conditioner which I thought was weird when she told me. Her scalp and hair were/are clean. It works fine for her.

Lyric Steele: It’s called Co-washing. I love it!

Braelyn Duncan: Can you explain that in detail please?

Kendall Alvarez: I love co-washing!!

Paul Little: Is co washing a good idea for someone who has fine oily hair? I also get dandruff.. wondering if that method would work for me

Kevin Rivera: Same! I love mine. Best way to use all organic products

Lyric Steele: Paul Little: yes! Try Redkens gel conditioner! It’s super light, silicone/dimethicone free. You may benefit from acv rinses too. That’s another great way to clean your hair ?

Greyson Shelton: Washing hair with conditioner.

Susan Broomer Howe: ?

Aliyah Willis: Going on almost a year now

Raelyn Perkins: I think she actually did wash it. But not with shampoo, with baking soda and ACV. Still her hair a year after it fell and broke as she never saw so…

Shelby Torres: Bet people ran from her Too cause of the smell

Devin Gray: I wash my hair once a week with shampoo, others times just with water. My hair never feels or looks dirty. There is some YouTubers who don’t use shampoo and are sharing about their experiences in their channels. Hair can be clean even if you don’t use shampoo, but I don’t think it looks as good. Or maybe they just don’t really style their hair much.

Josiah Lamb: Absolutely not its mirarle.

Archer Crawford: What you pros recommend if I was to be interested in not using shampoo for at least some washes? Would I just use conditioner? Do i use something else in place of shampoo? Just curious to try maybe using shampoo a little less , would you pros even suggest it?

Annie Elliott: You can replace shampoo woth a cleansing conditioner. Not just regular conditioner

Adelyn Garner: To each his/her own, but not for me. I wash my hair almost every day. I believe good hair is part genetics, health, the care you give it, and the products you use…in that order.

Logan Gonzales: Eww

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