How soon can I wash my hair after a color service?

How soon can I wash my hair after a color service?

It’s been a little over 24 hrs (my hair lady just said wait until I get some of my natural oils back in my hair) but I worked out and my hair looks kinda gross already ? p.s. I’m planning on using Matrix ‘So Silver’ shampoo and ‘So Long Damage’ conditioner if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance!

Winter Montgomery: Shampoo it, you’re fine

Genevieve Rhodes: I tell all my clients to wait at least 2 or 3 days after my color service (especially vivid colors) to ensure they don’t strip some color off the cuticle of the hair and cause it to look faded.

Lana Marshall: Is bleaching considered vivid? I don’t want to get rid of the blonde that’s for sure, using a purple shampoo to try to lighten it a bit but have heard it can dry you out that’s why I’m double checking before I even consider washing today. But I feel like a grease ball already between sweating and touching my hair so much, not sure that counts as natural oils

Lennon Santos: No there is no such thing as fading blonde. Only fading a toner on blonde hair. Just be careful now to wash your hair too often to not strip the toner

Genevieve Rhodes: When the toner strips is when the brassy yellowness comes back through. Toner is just a semi permanent color over the hair and fades usually just as fast as a vivid color

Liliana Wise: If you have a toner wait atleast 3 days

Lana Marshall: I don’t think she used a toner? She said if it looks yellow ish or gold I can get ahold of her and she’ll tone it, or I can use purple shampoo to help with yellow. It does have a little yellow tint on the top portion, back/underneath highlights are platinum probably bc she did those first. My hair is very fine and she didn’t want to push it.

Liliana Wise: Ok if no toner was used your fine…bleach won’t fade. Toners will slip if you don’t wait the 3 days. Bleach only you’re fine to wash.

Leon Mills: What does it look like? Toner should be used most of the time when highlighting if not all. There is zero damage when toning. In fact it helps because it doesn’t leave the cuticle exposed.

Lennon Santos: The only way highlights can ‘fade’ is if you had another color put on in between that’s fading onto the highlights

Imani Weaver: I have my clients wait 2-3 days as well. Depending on the porosity of their hair.

Lana Marshall: This is what my hair looks like

Genevieve Rhodes: Id say it would be ok to wash. Be sure to use the purple shampoo first then a conditioning moisturizing conditioner on the ends

Martin Simmons: You can wash your hair the next day. You can wash your hair 30 seconds out of the salon.

Azalea Rowe: If you’re not going out anywhere I wouldn’t wash it. I know you’ll feel gross but the longer you can go between shampoos then the longer your color will look better.

Dylan Poole: We usually recommend 48 hours before washing because it allows the colour molecules and your hair to settle back down. I usually go a week and a half after I’ve coloured my hair.

Raymond Crawford: You can wash it when you get home. BUT ……….IF you want to save your color wait 3 days. (minimum)

Jackson Tate: I always recommend waiting a few days so the pH has time to return to normal. However, if your hair is that gross and its been 24 hours, do a light shampoo

Caden Carter: Personally, I’m going blonde myself, I wait 2/3 days so my toner doesn’t rinse quickly-rinse with cool water.

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