Is it bad to wash hair everyday?

Is it bad to wash hair everyday?

So is it bad to wash hair everyday? I feel gross when I don’t.. even when I use dry shampoo

Ezra Benson: It is very drying For your hair and scalp. It strips away the natural oils which keep your hair healthy and strong.

Luciana Fitzgerald: Give it time and your scalp will get used to it. When you deprive it of its natural oils, it works harder to produce more. You have to be patient with the process. I can go a week without washing my hair. Also, using good, professional products makes a big difference.

Liam Romero: I have the same problem… it’s like it gets to greasy…

Carson Huff: Me too:(.

Lorelai Mcdaniel: Redken came out with a new cleansing shampoo that doesn’t strip all oils but cleans your scalp

Ariah Sanchez: It took me over a year to get my hair to the point where I only wash it once a week. I started with washing it every 2 days, then slowly increased the days in between. It’s worth it. It’s feels gross at first but you’ll get used to it. Dry shampoo will be your best friend. Its so time consuming doing my hair so it’s great to only have to do it weekly. Plus I have time on the weekend to do a deep treatment. Pamper my hair properly. You’ll save lots of $ and time in the long run.

Leona Hernandez: Same here,,I finally got to a point where I wash every other day but condition everyday. I have a lot of hair but it is fine so it looks very greasy when I don’t wash,,I just can’t with the dry shampoo!

Gabrielle Sutton: So its ok to use certain shampoos each day? Which ones? And what about conditioner

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