Washing your Hair every day: is it true that daily washing in men causes baldness?

Washing your Hair every day: is it true that daily washing in men causes baldness?

While in the shower, you should have seen your beards and lots of hairs making their way from the head through your hands while you drain the water from your body. This doesn’t mean anything at all in terms of balding. It does not mean that washing the hair has boosted the dormant balding process to start with. Moreover, this is not true.  Opting to not wash your hair daily or washing your hair everyday will not make you go bald, though you may have a higher risk of scalp infections.

If the unwashed hair can cause baldness, how can you explain those with dreadlocks hair?  How often should a person wash his/her hair? This is the question that the hair industry and hair experts seem to agree about that lessening your hair washing is just the right thing to do and washing your hair every day is just a mistake that a lot of people commit.

The natural oils of the hair are designed to condition and protect the hair, so whenever you shampoo every day, it strips the essential oils away. It makes a malicious cycle of over production of oils and the need to shampoo oftentimes. Normally, to keep the hair healthy, you need to wash it at least 2-3 times a week. This is the maximum time you need to only wash your hair and not every day. As you read on, you will learn a lot of things about washing your hair every day and how it is related to baldness?  You will also learn the truth behind the goodness of not washing your hair every day to keep it healthy.

Hair & baldness

Balding has something to do with high testosterone level in men

Come what may, the idea about baldness came from extraordinarily sexually active men. Good thing they have enough amount of testosterone level. Regardless if it has something to do with indirect consolidation reward for the hair loss, you cannot say so. But if it means something, a possible offender for male pattern baldness is the overproduction of the DHT or dihydrotestosterone. The association between DHT & male pattern baldness is not yet definite and it is not yet consistent. Good thing, it may be a contributing factor to an on-going & multifaceted issue with the genes.

Hats can cause baldness

If this is true, then all of the hats and caps in the market were made to induce baldness? You will not hesitate to throw them out of the house in the first place if they can cause baldness right? Luckily, this will not be applicable, because there is nothing that can prove and support this myth about hats and baldness.  The truth is that if these were true, and then should know the MLB even more. These people are fond of wearing caps during spring time when they train for game season and yet there is no scare at all surrounding the group.

Stress leads to baldness

Severe stress can cause chaos in the body and in the mind, but can it lead to baldness? Well, no. it cannot cause hair fall. The stress can be because of 3 kinds of hair loss and these are alopecia areata, wherein the white blood cells grab the hair follicles and stop the hair growth. Another is the telogen effluvium, this causes hair to penetrate a long resting phase and in time it will probably fall out in huge amount. Lastly, the trichotillomania, a kind of mental problem characterized by a neurotic pulling of the hair by the person.

New hair follicles will soon grow

You might have seen some TV commercials about men growing their after being bald for some time. Well, according to hair experts, most men go through the so called hair restoration. This is about when the number of hair follicles you were born with is all you have. You can only boost that number by means of transplant, which is considered as a permanent solution for baldness. The only precautionary measures you can do for the next years to come, the brain cells were said to be limited. With the development of the newest technology for baldness, it is very surprising to know that neuroplasticity to the brain has the possibility to make new brain cells too.  Who knows, the next big thing about baldness might be related to stem cells with the capacity to make new hair follicles?

Cutting the hair often can make it grow thicker

There is this belief that deceased people’s hairs are still growing along with their nails. This is just an illusion brought about by the decay of the flesh. As the body disappears, it gives the impression that the deceased person’s hair and nails are still growing, but it’s not. This myth boosted the cutting of the hair to entice fast and thicker hair growth. Unluckily, this is just an illusion made by the thicker hair and scalp circumference.

Too much use of gel and hair cosmetics

Men usually use hair cosmetics, but this has nothing to do with baldness. Though, there is no source of where this myth came from and how it all started, it does not seem like helpful to someone who looks for the reasons behind baldness. There is no evidence that this is true.

It has something to do with the genes

Male baldness starts during teenage years, though some starts when they have reached their early 20s and late 30s. The earlier men suffer from baldness, the more severe it will be like after sometime.

Baldness has nothing to do with frequent washing your hair every day or not washing your hair every day. There are lots of reasons why men go bald and washing daily is not a culprit.

Men and women are always perfectly groomed these days and they want their hair non-frizzy and salon finish every time they go out. So those suffering from baldness keep looking for ways to grow their hair again.  But this is hard to achieve, simply because the lives of the people nowadays are so hectic and you are all busy with your personal and social lives to always think about your hair and your overall look every time you go out. But there are few things to keep in mind to just improve your wellbeing.  How often do you wash your hair? This is a respectable question in the hair industry nowadays and experts will agree to the fact that washing your hair every day is not good for the hair.

Over washing the hair, especially if it is newly colored is a no, no. you will easily lose its shine and healthiness with frequent washing. The biggest mistakes of the people are to wash their hair over and over again. You can do that with the right type of shampoo, but not few times within the day. Shampooing at least once or twice a week is just ideal. You shouldn’t shampoo every day, rinsing your hair with conditioner is much better than shampooing it daily.

The hair type also matters a lot. How often you wash your hair really depends on your hair type. Another thing is your scalp, how active the scalp in producing oil should also be considered. Men and women with curly and longer hair can skip washing. Those with straight hair may have faster oil wicks too, so it may accumulate more oil than the usual. If your hair is very straight, you might not be able to go more than 2 days without even washing it.  Your lifestyle choices may also be considered.

If you are a gym goer and you sweat a lot, you need to shampoo your hair every day. But you can do something to lessen hair washing; you can just try rinsing the hair more than shampooing it. You might not be able to imagine not washing your hair after every workout. It might be awful to sleep at night with a sweaty hair, but you can always rinse it out without shampooing it. Water rinsing will help in eliminating the sweat and the salt within your hair without stripping the oils.

You can invest in a dry shampoo if you want to lessen wetting your hair and if you want to wash your hair weekly. You can use a dry shampoo instead of washing your hair daily. It can help in lessening the oil build up in the hair and it will also provide it with an astounding texture as well. You can also leave the dry shampoo there; it will add volume to the hair. As different to washing the hair daily, a dry shampoo will help in making your hair from the tips to the roots fresh all the time and the tips will also help you keep the important moisture of the hair as needed.

Whenever it’s time to shampoo, a lot of people reach for a big bottle and put on a big amount of the liquid into the hair, but there is a new way of good hair washing without harming your hair. But you need to keep in mind that when you overdo things like hair shampooing, the product will bring you harm than good. Anything too much will not do you good. When you wash your hair with shampoo, make sure it reaches the scalp for cleansing and it will not just target the ends of the hair. The scalp is the one in need of cleansing, so you should give it a good wash.

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