Can someone recommend me a shampoo for dry itchy scalp?

Can someone recommend me a shampoo for dry itchy scalp?

Daphne Porter: Tea Tree shampoo is really good

Devin Brock: visit

Wyatt Campbell: Speak to your GP I get a shampoo on prescription would highly recommend

Briana Farmer: Tea tree!

Felicity Greene: Redken scalp relief

Athena Schwartz: I was given this shampoo a while back and kept the bottle when it was finished. If I wanted to make my own tea tree mixture how many drops of tea tree oil would I add to a bottle this size?

Kiara Mccarthy: Tea tree is really drying though, it’s good for getting itchy bacteria or fungus off the scalp but not for dryness (which usually causes the itchiness in the first place). I used to use it for itchy scalp and it only helped temporarily. Your scalp is usually dry bc it’s not getting the proper mix of oils (omegas), I would eat more extra virgin olive oil, avocados, fatty nuts, take your omegas and do an oil scalp massage once a week. With a pure oil. It could also be your water or moving to a drier climate, my hair took a whole year to adjust from moving away from the coast. Good luck my dear!

Elena Willis: Thanks everyone! I’ll get some tea tree shampoo then. Is there a particular one I should get?

Lane Hudson: PM but get the lavender one

Elena Willis: OK thanks will have a look

Luna Flowers: christophe robin sea salt cleansing purifying scrub is a #GameChanger

Elena Willis: Thanks will have a look. Does it foam like a shampoo?

Athena Schwartz: Interesting.. I’ve wondered about exfoliating scrubs for the scalp…

Makenna Conner: IRT shampoo by monat

Jayla Weaver: Important question here…exactly how often do you shampoo your hair?

Elena Willis: Twice a week

Maisie Mcbride: I had post partum hair loss, and i mean by the handful. Now that my hair is growing back in ive been really itchy too non stop. Oils and shampoos didn’t help. It’s becoming less so if you’re not dry it may just be new hair growth?

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