Best shampoo, conditioner, products for blonde fine hair?

Best shampoo, conditioner, products for blonde fine hair?

Best shampoo, conditioner, products for blonde fine hair. Any heavy products make my hair look dirty. Now that I am convinced to get pro product, I don’t know which to get!

Jaxson Mullins: I’ve literally tried them all. Of course the only one I am absolutely in love with is $$ and not that readily available. Davines Oi s+c. Buy a sample packet on eBay, try it, you’ll see. It is amazing. My hair is fine, dry, bleached.

Scarlet Tyler: If you have a Hair Cuttery around you they will exchange any product you do not like. ☺

Cooper Norton: I love Davines Nounou range. Very moisturising but does not weigh hair down and gives it body. My hair really transformed with Davines. I love it. My hair has been platinum for a couple of years and is fine. I get mine through Strawberry Net. I might try the Davines Oi next.

Jaxson Mullins: I am so impressed by Davines. I had never heard of it until a year ago, tried it and I’ve never looked back. Oi is so moisturizing but does not weigh down my fine hair!!

Ada Stewart: As a stylist, anything available to the public (eBay) is not salon quality. You might as well continue shopping a drug stores or department stores. For fine hair, I’d recommend High Rise shampoo by Redken. Literally go into a salon that sells it. As for conditioner, you can try Brass Off by Matrix. It’ll help with the unwanted yellow tone in blonde hair. It WILL NOT make your hair purple and it won’t get you to platinum. Again, walk into a salon that sells these products. You’ll be happy you did. ?

Ada Stewart: You can also ALWAYS get a consultation in a salon. They should be free. Ask what products to use, and if anything, pay for a shampoo and blow out. See how the products feel in your hair.

Jaxson Mullins: All i said about eBay was, buy a set of sample sachets. People sell them from their beauty box subscriptions. It’s a good way to try the real thing before you drop a bunch of money on something you don’t like.

Jaxson Mullins: Davines is hard to find, so buying sample sachets is a good way to try it

Ada Stewart: Definitely wasn’t attacking you. I just used eBay because it was the only website that was brought up. Sorry girl if I came off that way. ?

Evelynn Barnes: Rusks shampoo and conditioner called Thickr

Reagan Bryan: Kevin.Murphy is the best if you can find it. Check out Blonde.Angel

Paris Burns: I’m a stylist, I love Loma products. They are aloe Vera based. There is a daily shampoo that isn’t as heavy as the other 2.

Cameron Brooks: Buy from your salon to support your stylist. Or buy from ulta – at least we know the real product will be in the bottle.

Alanna Vega: Aveda brilliant is wonderful

Dallas Mcbride: Joico blonde life

Jayceon Reynolds: Brass off!

Milani Wolfe: I like Joico Blonde Life product line. Please support your local businesses and stylists by buying from a salon.

Steven Robinson: Paul Mitchell Blonde series. Really hydrating, keeps your blonde nice and bright, plus it smells delicious!

Tobias Medina: Kevin Murphy Angel Wash

Diego Jenkins: Schwarzkopf Blonde Me ???

Jaxson Mullins: They have shampoo and conditioner??

Diego Jenkins: Yes!!! And it’s love.

Carson Owen: Coconut oil, leave for a hour or if you can more… Deep condition and its not expensive as some products that works if no as good as this..

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