Question: How Often Do You All Deep Condition Your Hair?

Question: How Often Do You All Deep Condition Your Hair?

Whitney Coleman-Brunson: Once a week, you need to deep condition more than shampoo

Tibre Missg Guerra: Thank you, I was about to cut it all off again… I wash my hair a lot???…

Whitney Coleman-Brunson: Tibre Missg Guerra you are taking all your natural oils out and causing it to feel brittle. So more conditioner less shampoo. Let me know how it goes

Tibre Missg Guerra: Ok thanks, any good products you might recommend ???

Whitney Coleman-Brunson: #AsIAm is really amazing for all types and #ManeChoice

Tibre Missg Guerra: Ok cool, I can go to walmart for that manechoice

Whitney Coleman-Brunson: Yes, they both are sold at Walmart

Tinnette Hales Gist: Weekly.

Tibre Missg Guerra: Which products do you all use???

Whitney Coleman-Brunson: I make my own , 3 eggs ,Mayo , Honey and Jamaican Castor oil mix all together and let it stay for 45 mins then use a conditioner of your choice for a amazing smell

Renae Williams: I deep condition EVERY wash day which is weekly.

Kera Hill-Johnson: I do it weekly and I use mainly as I am hair products or mane choice but I always add honey and coconut milk for my deep conditioners .

Tibre Missg Guerra: I’ve been natural for 6 years but I usually cut it off every 6 months… This is the longest time I’ve kept it it is Shoulder length and I’ve left it alone since April Of 2016…

LaToya Green: Cute hair?

Tibre Missg Guerra: Thank You❤

Ebony Hall: Once a month

Liz Betty Garrett: I deep condition about once a month. I mostly cowash once a week, and shampoo and deep condition once a month. Each person’s hair and needs are different. I use a lot of oils and butters on my hair. It depends on what your hair needs to maintain moisture which equals strength which equals health.

Cee Bee Small: 3x a monthAnd my product of choice is MAYONNAISE

Tibre Missg Guerra: The Stuff in the fridge??? Or that yellow hair mayonnaise my grandmother used to put in my hair???

Cee Bee Small: The stuff in the fridge!!! Put 1/2 cup in your hair before shampooing. Let it sit for an hr or more, then wash n condition.

Tibre Missg Guerra: Ok, I’ll try it

Tibre Missg Guerra: Thanks

Annastagia Zachary: Every two to three weeks

Evette Hobson Anderson: Once a week. Shea Moisture. If I want an inexpensive brand 3min miracle.

Erica A Mouton-Citizen: Every single time i wash….once a week.

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