When Should I Wash my Hair?

When Should I Wash my Hair?

There are lots of reasons why you must not wash your hair daily. There are people who are an advocate of the NO POO MOVEMENT and they do not use shampoo and conditioner for days or weeks and even months as they can. There are lots of reasons why they prefer not to shampoo their hair, but you also need to consider some important things like your hair type, thickness and if it is not processed in some form or the other. If you have been very nosy about what it might be like for your mane if you will not wash for days. These are certain explanations why you must not shampoo your hair and know any of the details as to when should I wash my hair.

Why you shouldn’t shampoo your hair everyday

Consider your hair’s natural oils

The hair’s natural oils are the prime explanations why you should not wash your hair everyday. This is because the natural oils on your scalp and hair will be stripped off. Though there are some people who do not know the importance of those oils and they try to eliminate them, the fact is that they are worthy for the mane and scalp. These oils are the ones responsible in keeping the hair and scalp healthy and shiny. These are better than the chemically formulated products you use. Do you know that those with thicker hair will have more time to take the oils off their hair? This means that you may have a longer time shampooing your mane before the oils went down to through the hair strands. Even if you have thin hair, you need to refrain from shampooing your mane daily. When should I wash my hair? You can go on for days without washing your hair, especially if you are not an active person who always go to the gym and soak the hair in sweat.

  1. Hair styling

The hair has the tendency to be manageable if you will not wash it for days. Your curls will be in place way better than after washing. It will be easier for you to style your hair and make a bun or ponytail and the flyaway can be handled easily. This is the primary reason why some of the hair stylists today do recommend that you do not wash your hair before coming to the salon. It will be best to come with dirty hair, so that they can easily style your hair. If you have problems with curls, you should just try this after 2 days of not washing your hair. You will be surprised with the result of the curl attempt after 2 days of no washing. When should I wash my hair? Every 2 days is fine if you are up to easy hair styling.

2.Newly colored hair

If you have newly colored or newly treated hair, you need to do well to your hair by not washing it daily. Lesser washing means having better color and you can also enjoy the longevity of the color. Shampoos can strip off the color from your hair and the color will just fade away faster than expected. Because the hair coloring is not cheap, it will be best to just keep this investment for a while by not shampooing your hair often. When should I wash my hair? Newly colored hair may be washed once weekly if you are not an active person. You can tie it or style it the way you wanted without the grease and waxy feeling.

3.The look of the hair

If you will not wash your hair daily, your hairstyle will be much better. Everything you wanted can be achieved easily and it will stay in place for days. You will not be worried with frizz, dryness and tangles after not shampooing your hair for several days. If your hair is not oily, you can just put some dry shampoo or baby powder on the roots of the hair. This might sound awful, but this is really possible. You will be amazed with the result of dry shampooing after a while. Your hair will look much better and it will be easier to style.

4.No product build-up

A lot of people believe that they need to wash their hair every day, because of the oil build-up. On the other hand, the opposite just might not be real. A lot of times, the oil look you get in your hair is not just because of the natural oil on the hair, but it is also because of the product build up from washing and styling products. Even if the hair might not go through the adjustment stage when you first started skipping hair washing, you will soon notice that your hair will look less greasy in between washes.

Reasons why it is best not to wash your hair daily 

Do you know that freshly washed hair might be very beautiful whenever you travel? But, do you know that it will be easier for you to manage your hair if you have not washed it for a day or 2? Clean hair is just too perfect to manage. Clean hair is very smooth that you will have a hard time clipping it. The hair strands will slip from the pins and instead of achieving the look that you want, you will end up messed up by not getting the look you wanted. When you braid yourself, you will find it hard to braid a newly washed hair than a day that has not yet been washed for days. Seldom washed hair is easier to manage than newly washed hair.

There is a wedding expert that says, before a photo shoot be it pre-nuptial he/she always tell the clients not to wash their hair on the day of the photo shoot. When should I wash my hair before a photo shoot?  A few days before the photo shoot or the day before, it is a fact that the natural oils of the hair and scalp make it easier to style the hair. However, if the hair is clean, it is usually smooth and it will require more time when it comes to styling and shaping it the way you wanted. During a photo shoot, the subject needs to go through different hair styles, change of clothes and others, it will take much time for the hairstylists to style the hair if it is newly washed. Working with a dirty hair is very much different; it is because it can hold the styling products and tools better.

Topknots are best during a photo shoot and some even prefer the messy braid, this is because you need to have the texture. The dry texture is very important in hair styling and some even put a texture spray for newly washed hair just to manage the hair. This is not needed anymore if you will wash the hair few days before the photo shoot. Normally, you can spread your time in between shampoos, this is a better idea. You are recommended to not wash your hair for 3-4 days before the photo shoot. After washing the hair can actually cause more oil, especially if you are using hot water to rinse it.  Hot water is responsible in stripping off the moisture from the scalp and the scalp will overwork and produce more oil to cover for the loss.

Dirty hair is still preferred by hair stylists for fishtail braids and braided crown styles. If the hair is newly washed and it is clean, it is harder to control the braid and the effect is hard to achieve.  If the hair is very clean, it will be very soft and smooth and it is hard to control. The hair can become very smooth and it is hard to secure the braid with clips and pins. The cool and delicate textures that the natural oils can bring are usually lost after washing the hair. This is very essential for braiding.  The look that must be achieved will be harder though if you will wash your hair before the photo shoot.

After not washing your hair for 2 days, the natural oils and the waves can truly help in improving and making the braid, it will be easier for the hair to be controlled now. A lot of times, those with fine hair have the body and the flexibility to style after 2 days of not washing the hair. The hair must be thick and unruly for it to be easily styled. Once the hair has settled, it will be easier to manage.  The hair must never look lifeless, dull and oily; the oil is not the look that must be achieved during the braid session. There is nothing sexy about having oily hair. On the other hand, not all women know that having dirty hair is much better than newly washed hair in terms of styling.

Just keep in mind that when you shampoo your hair and scalp, make sure you enable the suds to work through the hair strand. Otherwise, working with the conditioner through the ends of the hair and then saturating the ends of the hair first and then enabling the conditioner to be on top of the hair. Shampooing must be concentrated on the scalp where the natural oils are produced. The mid-lengths & the ends are clean whenever you wash the suds through your hair. This will enable the cleansing to become gentle, so that the shampoo cannot take away the moisture of the hair and scalp.



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