Why is my Hair Greasy after I Wash It?

Why is my Hair Greasy after I Wash It?

Managing oily hair

If you have discovered that you suffer from the disgusting oily hair problem, then you need to do something to solve this issue and to also prevent having smelly and gross hair and scalp. Having oily hair can boost acne along the hairline and it can affect your self-esteem too. It’s about time to put an end to this oil issue.

Why is my Hair Greasy after I Wash It?

The very first thing to do to better understand how you can perfectly deal with greasy scalp is to better comprehend why you have it and why the scalp is becoming oily after you shower. Oftentimes, the issue is about temporary hormonal problem that comes close with puberty and or after puberty, it may also be because of thyroid problem, pregnancy and menopause. Normally, the body produces sebum, which is the natural oil on the scalp, if it overproduces oil to respond to the hormones that might flow through the body, the scalp will be affected and it will become too oily. Using wrong choices of hair products can also cause too much oily hair or it might be your hygiene management that affects your oil production.

Greasy hair cycle

Having a greasy scalp is a brutal cycle that is often made safer by the attempt to reverse the problem. You have been told by someone that washing your hair even more often makes the scalp oilier.  This is absolutely true. What happens afterwards? When you wake up with oily scalp, you will tend to wash your hair to eliminate the dirt and the oil. Along the way you may eliminate the natural oil of your hair. The body will react to it and will cover for the loss. Some people’s body, tends to respond to change the natural oil that is gone, while some tend to overproduce more oil and with this, you find yourself suffering from oiliness by mid-afternoon.

Next time you wash your hair, you need to use a product that will not dry out the hair and scalp such as a clarifying shampoo or natural/organic shampoos. The body will respond to the call and the call is about to panic and to rehydrate what was lost. You cannot win over this type of oily cycle. Do you know that the more often you wash your hair, the more oil your scalp will make? The bigger your problem becomes, the more complicated things will be later on.

Practice healthy eating habits and detoxification

Spinach is a well-known type of vegetable that is popular even during ancient times. Spinach is also popularized by a cartoon character named Popeye. Just like Popeye, it is true that when you eat spinach you will be strong and healthy because it will cleanse your body from all the toxins that you have accumulated as you eat unhealthy foods. This article will give you so much reason for you to eat spinach.

You will have a clear understanding about its curative properties as well as its composition. If you are not eating spinach, you will surely force yourself to like this vegetable right after reading this article. When you talk about overall health, it means that you are consuming foods that are healthy and complete with all the nutrients that your body needs. The following are good benefit of spinach to your health:

  1. Spinach is like a broom that can wipe away all the dirt that is present inside your intestines. It is the most common natural food that can clean and regenerate the digestive system. People know that they should not boil this vegetable because it is harmful. It is because this vegetable turns into yellowish color when cooked, and it becomes harmful to health. It is best to eat spinach in salads to make sure that you eat it fresh.
  2. Spinach comprises a lot of mineral salts like phosphorus, sodium, calcium, potassium, manganese, magnesium, iron, sulfur, copper, and zinc. Aside from important minerals that your body needs. It also contains lots nutrients that your body needs like vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B12, PP. And vitamin C. Not only that, you can also acquire chlorophyll, lipids, and amino acids. Some people think that spinach contains too much iron, but it is not true. The only truth is that it contains a lot of nutrients that your body needs to maintain its daily functions.
  3. Aside from keeping the body clean from all the toxins, it can also strengthen your immune system. Because this vegetable is very nutritive as well as re-mineralizing, it can aid in the cleaning your digestive tube. There are lost if other benefits that you can reap out of eating spinach like simulating the overall activity of the heart, take away toxins within your body, stimulate the growth and prevent teeth lots and problems. The ability of the spinach to give all the essential nutrients that your body needs to make it an essential part of your diet.


If you want to live longer and have a healthier life together with your family, maybe this is the right time for you to include spinach in your diet for your good health. Try to incorporate spinach in your daily diet at least once a day, because it will be very beneficial for you. You can also encourage your family and friends to eat spinach and tell them about the goodness of this vegetable. They will surely be amazed at the number of nutritive value that they get once they eat spinach.

Break the cycle

One of the best ways to break the cycle of overproduction of the sebum is to not wash your hair for a while, especially if your concern is about why is my Hair Greasy after I Wash It.  Before you give up and say no to washing, you have to know that this is not a suggestion for you to not wash your hair and let it be that way for the rest of your life, this is just a suggestion that may go along for a day or two, but not for a lifetime. Slowly, you need to practice not to shampoo your hair often.  If you are used to shampooing your hair every day, you can skip for a day and then wear something on your head, so that the grease will not be obvious when you go out.

Afterwards, make it a day or 2.  Normally, you must not be able to go on without hair washing for two – three days to really be able to control the oil production. Just do not expect that you will be able to achieve your goal of controlling the oil production overnight. You need to be patient and wait for a month or months to get there. You can also experiment with using dry shampoo or hair powder. Some people try baking soda for their hair to replace the regular shampoo and then the apple cider vinegar to replace a regular conditioner.

There are certain products that are specially designed to help your hair and soak up that oil without stripping the scalp of the sebum and without letting the scalp know that there is a need to overproduce some oil. Regardless if you can take or you cannot take washing your hair after 2 to 3 days, breaking the cycle of oil production might be a big surprise for you, and it will also bring you surprises in the next days, weeks and months to come. You will surely pick a shampoo and a conditioner that can help in moisturizing the hair, but will not make it too oily.

You do not want to add some more oil and moisture, because you already have it, but you need to pick a shampoo and a conditioner that will provide balance moisture on your head. It is too much to use a hydrating shampoo & conditioner though, that may be very hydrating and it is not advisable for you. What you need is a light weight moisturizing shampoo with a conditioner that can just help in replenishing the balance that was stripped off from the scalp and will not make the body go into panic mode and will overproduce again.

Quick solutions to lessen the oil

Aside from eating healthy foods and modifying your diet, you also need to know if this oily scalp problem is just a permanent one or is it lifelong. You can discuss this matter with your doctor if simple solutions provided didn’t work.

First, you can shampoo your hair accordingly; this means that you have to rinse it very well to remove the left residue from shampoos and conditioners you have used previously. Give your hair at least a minute to rinse well. The oily on your hair is not really oily, but these are the shampoo and conditioner that hasn’t been rinsed fully.

Next, rinse your hair with cold water after shampooing it. Hot water can boost the sebum to produce more oil, but cold water can help in shutting them down. It can also help in closing the hair cuticle, so the hair damage will be lessened. This also goes along with hair dryers; if possible, do not dry your hair using this tool. Let it air dry naturally or better keep the heat at a minimum level.

Do not touch your hair often, especially if you have greasy hair. The more you touch it, comb it or style it, the oilier it will become and you don’t want that happen throughout the day.



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