Do you wash your hair before or after having it colored?

Do you wash your hair before or after having it colored?

I’m getting my hair colored this Friday. I know this may be a stupid question but do you wash your hair before or after having it colored?

Aspen Shaw: You need semi-clean (1-2 days old is okay), completely dry hair for your color appt.

Adeline George: Normally depending how naturally oily your hair is, it’s acceptable to not shampoo for 2 to 3 days…some people only shampoo once a week so if you shampooed today, i wouldnt worry about shampooing again before the salon. And then afterwards u can wait a day or 2(depending on how oily your hair gets), use cool water and use shampoo for color treated hair.

Maggie Sanchez: It needs to be clean and dry

Brinley Barrett: I have my clients come in with dirty hair

Marley Harrison: It needs to be clean. Nobody wants to mess with yucky hair. Please shampoo at least within 24 hours of your appt. And ppl, pls stop the old wives tale about dirty hair. Please.

Adeline George: What wives tales about dirty hair…i just simply said its acceptable to go multiple days without shampooing. You shouldnt shampoo that often anyways let alone before a chemical service.

Maggie Sanchez: Clean hair colors better. Only dirty if u are doing a bleach touch up on scalp

Marley Harrison: I still brush and wash before Dr and dentist even if it’s off schedule.

Adeline George: I just said its acceptable to go a couple days without shampooing…and if she shampooed today, she should be fine to go to the salon friday for color….i never said if your hair is so greasy u could fry and egg on it, it is acceptable and completely …See more

Aspen Shaw: You’re right, nobody wants yucky hair, but most people shouldn’t shampoo daily and I’m not going to complain if they come in with 2 day old hair as long as it doesn’t stink and isn’t soaked in hairspray. I actually prefer slightly dirty hair when foiling ?

Marley Harrison: That’s definitely between you and your clients, but I would not be alluding to the masses that is the consensus of hairdressers. It is old school thought bc hair color used to not have as many conditioning agents, that is not true anymore. I absolutely want to work on clean not yucky oily smelly hair. Just like I shower before the dr or brush before the dentist.

Aspen Shaw: Like I said above, as long as it doesn’t stink and isn’t loaded in product, it shouldn’t be an issue for anyone… I would much prefer my clients to come in with slightly “dirty” hair than wet hair.

Marley Harrison: Would it shock you if I said you can color wet hair bit the color companies don’t want you to know that? ?

Aspen Shaw: No, you wouldn’t, considering my color line actually allows and encourages it. However, if you come in with a half wet mess, it’s more work for me in the long run. I prefer not to color on wet hair because I don’t feel like I get proper saturation.

Marley Harrison: I don’t mind. Less product easier application. Diff strokes.

Henry Roy: My hair is thin so I usually clean it every 2 or 3 days or my hair looks like an oil slick, lol. I was wondering because I heard to clean it before (24 hours prior), I’ve heard you don’t have to, and I’ve heard wait 72 hrs after coloring. So I didn’t know which was right.

Maggie Sanchez: Wash night before

Marley Harrison: I agree ^

Henry Roy: Awesome. Thanks for the advice! ?

Josue Thornton: wait as long as you can after coloring. Cool water for sure! I generally like 1-2 day hair. Come at me with day 7 hair and I’m gonna charge extra to have to shampoo & dry prior to coloring. 24-48hrs prior is fine by me so long as you’re not wicked sweaty from the gym/heat.

Henry Roy: Last time I washed my hair hair was Monday night. So that’s another reason why I asked too, lol.

Josue Thornton: Yeah it’s not gonna hurt anything if you just washed your hair the same day as your appt. so long as it’s dry ?

Henry Roy: That’s good lol. Thank you! ?

Skyler Beck: I prefer to color clean hair

Adeline George: So obviously….everyone has their own preferences! Lol

Henry Roy: Lol

Alayna Peters: I prefer if my clients wash their hair the day before. The biggest reason being when you wash your hair, you can scratch or overstimulate your scalp and that can cause sensitivity to the color which is never fun. Hope this helps!

Henry Roy: Yes, thank you. I appreciate your advice. ?

Mariah Jensen: Shampoo within 24 hours if going to a salon. My color line doesn’t contain a lot of ammonia, which is what would break through the oil/grime. If it is too dirty to color, I have to wash it and that is an extra $20 because of the time needed to wash and dry it.

Hallie Ball: I usually wash my hair two days before so I have a day I between because my hair gets too soft. As long as it’s not greasy but even if you wash it the day before just do a light one. And no conditioner.

Kendra Lamb: Dont kbow about abyone els but my hair only gets wased once a week unless its had prodicts on and been styled…. Not sure what you lod do with your hair for it to be yucky so quick… And its best for a bit of oil to have built up because it protects tge scalp xx

Ayla Rivera: I ask my clients to have clean, dry hair. If you have to shampoo it the night/morning before, don’t scrub your scalp much because it can cause the color to irritate your scalp.

Abel George: Does your hair need to be free of product .. for example any leave ins? I’ve heard to only shampoo and not even use conditioner .. is this true?

Alayna Peters: Not necessarily Color will eat through most product, unless it’s like an entire bottle of product lol like you can color over hair that’s been styled for the day.

Daniella Gilbert: As long as it’s not super dirty with product and stuff you should be fine. Most of the time I clarify my clients first anyway. After I tell them to at least wait 36 hours to give the color molecules a chance to settle.

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