Dry shampoo suggestions for dark brown hair?

Dry shampoo suggestions for dark brown hair?

Keegan Caldwell: I know it’s cheap but I love Suave refreshing dry shampoo. It’s a silver bottle with purple label. I’ve been using it for a few years now.

Logan Farmer: Batiste has a line called hint of color. They have light for blonde, medium for brunette, and dark for deep browns. I’ve used to dark before and it really makes a huge difference. You can often find it at tj maxx for half the price as ulta.

Edith Cunningham: Love it for my dark hair also from sallys BTZ Rock On Dry Shampoo but BE CAREFUL DONT OVER DO IT W THE BTZ cuz matter how much u brush or blow dry it out it will leave a white residue

Kynlee Paul: Thanks! That’s the prob with dark hair and dry shampoo. You look like you just got flour bombed. ?

Edith Cunningham: Yes depending on the brand and how much u use or how close u spray it. But i have one or the other on hand at all times the btz is off brand to tigi products so its pretty good i have very dark hair and just learned the hard way but just start out a little at a time and u should get the powder effect.

Rebecca Mathis: Redken or Moroccan oil dry shampoo

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