Best clarifying shampoo?

Best clarifying shampoo?

Macie Pope: Malibu un-do-goo.

Camilla Crawford: Depends on the purpose of what your using it for?

Stella Mccoy: I have very hard water

Camilla Crawford: Stella Mccoy: what are your issues with your hair.

Camilla Crawford: I am asking because clarifying shampoo is not usually a product that is used on a regular basis it’s strips residue but as well It will also strip the natural oil‘s of the hair it is mostly used before chemical services. If you wanted to get a clarify …See more

Stella Mccoy: Thank you for the info! This is my current hair color (some pieces are extensions) and I currently use clairol shimmer lights. I also use naissant purple shampoo about once a week.

Camilla Crawford: Cut back on the purple shampoo especially if you have hard water. Purple shampoo should only be used once a week to cancel out on unwanted tones it should not be used on a regular basis I would not recommend a clarifying shampoo girl I would recommen…See more

Stella Mccoy: Thank you, I had no idea!

Macie Pope: They also make a treatment for hard water.

Leighton Newman: Paul Mitchell shampoo one for a gentle clarifying and shampoo three for stuff like chlorine and impurities in water ?

Vivian Schwartz: 1st Lather by Kera Kare

Luca Mann: Would a clarifying shampoo help to make my hair more “brighter or shinier “? I use KevinMurphy Blonde Angel Shampoo & Condioner twice a week. Sometimes my hair seems dull (best description I can think of is “dusty looking”) I’ve heard that using purple/violet colored products can sometimes make your hair look “dull/dusty”. True? And if it is, would a clarifying product help…and what one?

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