What shampoo and conditioner would I use to make my hair more healthy?

What shampoo and conditioner would I use to make my hair more healthy?

I wash it about every 3 days with redken extreme both shampoo and conditioner and rotate with alterna instant recovery shampoo and conditioner I’ve been using both lines for a month now and have not seen a huge difference like I expected just went from bleach blonde back to brown in salon she used a demi color to fill it in ,but when I get out of the shower my hair dries super quick especially the ends which my hair is chin length growing out my Bob just need to Kno if I should leave in a little more conditioner on the above lines I use or does these shampoos and conditioners have to much protein ,or what do I need more moisture I may be rinsing my conditioner out to much in the end way to much help please

Sydney Mitchell: You might be giving your hair too much protein possibly.

Sydney Mitchell: To answer your question, yes your hair need moisture if it’s a protein overload.

Sydney Mitchell: Clarifying shampoo first then deep conditioner then leave in conditioner. 🙂

John Pratt: I’m not a huge fan of redken bc I feel all of their products are very drying. Try ColorProof MoistureRich line it’s incredible.

Lilith Caldwell: Thanks

Amina Lewis: Joico kpak

Lilith Caldwell: Thanks what is a good moisturizing shampoo and conditioner not to pricey being I’ve spent a ton on what I just got was a CRAZY amount especially the alterna was 62 dollars for one bottle and since I got conditioner too well another 62 and got the big bottles of redken bc of the CRAZY sale I’m broke lol help

Lilith Caldwell: Any one that could help I would appreciate it not sure what to use

Lilith Caldwell: About to have to wash my hair tomorrow I’m so aggravated with this whole hair deal trying all these different types of shampoo and conditioner that my sytlist tells me to get and now I’m totally stuck

Lilith Caldwell: Thanks for all your help and support everyone

Lilith Caldwell: I’m going for pureology I guess I heard too as well it was a great line

Lilith Caldwell: How often should I use the other lines that I originally posted if at all since I have them already and does pureology have protein or sulfates or parabens I really take my hair serious I try to do what’s best

Benjamin Turner: Did u try the water test?

Lilith Caldwell: Not yet but I am sorry got super busy thanks for asking and for trying to help me

Lilith Caldwell: How much hair do I put in the water or bowl my hair is like chin length growing out my Bob

Bradley Perry: Gliss. I used a relaxer in my hair to straighten it out and then I use gliss keratin line and my hair is super soft. You would never know that it was relaxed.

Blair Ramirez: So Redken Extreme is awesome for strengthening hair. However strong hair, doesn’t always look and feel like we way, even though strong is good. So with the extreme you also need moisture. The moisture is what is gonna give you soft and shiny hair.

Lilith Caldwell: Thanks so much Desiree !!!!

Kylee Boone: I’m a hairdresser of 35 years you’re using too much protein and not enough moisture

Lilith Caldwell: Thank you so much I was praying a hair dresser would comment on here thank you so very much what would you suggest I use that would work for me I’ve spent so much money on all these shampoos and conditioners it’s crazy but if I did use any of the lines I listed how often should I use and what could I get now that would help me until I can get more money for what I need

Riley Austin: But…. Redkin Extreme is plant based protein and cannot be OVER DONE….. I use that but also added in Redkin All Soft on a rotating basis and… when I can…. I use All Soft (for moisture) and actually sleep in it and rinse it out the next morning. My hair has made a remarkable recovery in 10 days!!!

Hope Roberts: I had a horrible case of protein over load from redken extreme and ended up having to take about 4 inches of length off as a result so I’m not sure if that’s exactly true

Lilith Caldwell: So my final question is how do or can I use the shampoos I have already got I listed the alterna especially bc it was so expensive and the redken extreme and what do you suggest I get now to use

Riley Austin: Hope Roberts: you can check with a Redkin Rep. if you’d like.

Hope Roberts: I don’t need to check on something I’ve had personal experience with

Hope Roberts: It took a major chop and many salt water solutions to recover my locks and after switching to Supercharged by Paul Mitchell and Joico K-Pak (once every other week) haven’t had a single issue

Lilith Caldwell: What is the salt water solution how do you do that and I’m growing out my Bob which is chin length so I can’t really cut much off but I have cut it dusted the ends I’d say

Blair Ramirez: The former poster is correct Redken Extreme (all Redken proteins) are plant based and thus can’t be overdone like Keratins can. However you still need the moisture. ????

Riley Austin: Blair Ramirez: and I had a stylist today who trimmed my hair and when I said I was so happy with what Redkin Extreme has done for my damaged hair quickly said “oh be careful, you don’t want to use that too much”. It was my first service with her a…See more

Maggie Strickland: Joico Kpak is amazing!

Violet Brady: I’m a stylist and too much protein will cause your hair to overload and break. There has to be an even balance. Sebastian Drench is a great affordable option for good moisture.

Lilith Caldwell: Thank you so both that I have is protein based???

Violet Brady: Yes! They anything strengthening has protein in it.

Rebecca Stephens: Try a treatment leave in like anti snap also redken extreme line

Lilith Caldwell: Do you use the Redken extreme that’s what I’m talking about and that Alterna if you read the complete post

Adaline Stanley: Try using redken all soft conditioner with the extreme shampooAll soft will give your hair moisture so you aren’t using too much protein. Also a deep conditioner might be a good investment

Jose Romero: Big sexy soya want it all, its a good leave in

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