Shampoo to keep the green from fading a little longer?

Shampoo to keep the green from fading a little longer?

My scalp is very dry as well so basically I need shampoo and conditioner suggestions. I can’t spend a ton of money so try to keep them budget friendly suggestions. PFA TIA

Elianna Hanson: Celeb luxury conditioner in green

Emersyn Schneider: ^ That plus Pureology. Whatever line suits your hair best. They have hydrate, volume, strength, as well as others. They are wonderful at keeping color.

Skye Palmer: Water colors shampoo

Elisa Hampton: I’ve heard of people adding vegan hair dye to their conditioner to keep the color.

Kyla Johnston: Celeb luxury viral!

Cecilia Owen: My clients who has fashion colors like that out some temporary colour in their conditioner to keep the pigment topped up x

Averie Schwartz: I got Joico green color butter I think is what it was called to keep my green fresh longer too

Ivy Sims: Your hair is a beautiful colour, can see why you want to maintain it!♡

Natalie Harper: Joico sulfate free shampoo

Isabelle Mann: Biolage scalp sync! Highly recommend.

Callie Mathis: Viral shampoo love that stuff so much.

Jake Moody: it can be drying though

Emerson Cook: Just use a good conditioner.

Emerson Cook: I use Viral hot pink and Joico Kpak or Redken all soft mega.

Callie Mathis: Yeah I use Sebastian drench conditioner when I was using it.

Royalty Santos: Joico color butter is a deep conditioning treatment as well as a color deposit which lasts up to 10 shampoos

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