How Often Should i Wash my Hair if I Have Dandruff?

Suffering from an itchy scalp? Do you have flaky hair? Well, this may be a sign that you need to use a dandruff shampoo. Before you do that, you have to read on to find out some of the common myths about scalp irritation and how to deal with it. Dandruff is a sign of seborrheic dermatitis. This happens when dry pieces of the scalp flake off the hair. There are shampoos available in the market to help you in keeping the scalp well moisturized.

But, if you do not have enough time to wash your hair, you might be amidst an embarrassing dandruff at the office, school and while you are with friends. Your social life will surely suffer and your self-confidence might be affected in time. You need to do something about it and a handful of important tools can easily help you get that dandruff off your hair even without washing. Well, of course, you need the help of your dermatologist, especially if you have tried a lot of things, yet nothing good happened after all. You need to wash your hair often.

This is the perfect solution to dandruff and flaky hair. How often should i wash my hair if I Have Dandruff? Well, you need to do that very often. You can also sprinkle a dry shampoo on parts where there is dandruff. If you do have a dry shampoo, a baby powder or a cornstarch will do. They will work the same as the dry shampoo. Just make sure not to add a lot of it on your hair, especially if your hair color is dark. Just be conscious not to scratch your scalp, because the flaky parts will be wounded and this may result in another problem.

Dandruff is not because of dryness

If you’re your body or facial skin becomes scaly and itchy, you will first think of a moisturizer. But when the scalp is flaky and dry, it might be because of a lot of oil. It is a common myth that dandruff is because of dryness of the scalp, but the truth is that it is because of the growth of harmless yeast. In some people, the yeast starts to feed on too much oil on the scalp and dead skin cells. It causes the skin cells to shed even more and turn into flakes.


How Often Should i Wash my Hair if I Have Dandruff?

Well, you should wash your hair often. Generally, skin specialists warn people over shampooing the hair daily. Your main concern is that the oil on your scalp may be stripped off and it may cause irritation too. Dandruff leads to the other side of the issue. If you will not shampoo all the time, your dandruff will get worse. It will lead to more oil and dead skin cells that will soon show off on your scalp, which the yeast and fungi continuously feed on.  You need to clean your scalp daily to get rid of dandruff; you need to clean the grease off with a medicated shampoo.

A regular shampoo can help you in dealing with flaky scalp. Dermatologists recommend people with flaky scalp to buy a medicated shampoo that contains ketoconazole, selenium sulphide and zinc too. If the texture of your hair is coarse and you think shampooing it daily can help, then you are wrong. Daily shampooing can just make it brittle and coarser. You can use a dandruff shampoo with conditioner instead.

Flaky is not always about dandruff

If there is no improvement after weeks of washing using the medicated shampoo, then there might be another reason behind it. You might have psoriasis, dermatitis or skin inflammation. There are few hair treatments and products that contain harmful chemicals and they can cause allergic reaction or sensitivity that dries out the scalp. In this case, the flakes have nothing to do with the dandruff. When dandruff shampoos are not taking effect, then seeing your dermatologist must be your last option.


Dandruff on your body and face

The flakes are not actually controlled on your scalp. It is not common for women to have dandruff flakes in their eyebrows, around the eyes, nearby the nose and other places in the body where oil is produced. Normally, those flaky patches happen in addition to flaky scalp and if you have these shedding spots, you can use your dandruff shampoo to clean them off whenever you wash your hair.

Dandruff is untreated, but controllable

Unluckily, if you are prone to dandruff, it will be a recurring problem. But still, you do not need to wait for flakes to show off to start treating them; you can do something to prevent outbreaks. If your diet is composed of high saturated & Trans-fats then your sebaceous glands will tend to produce more oil and this can make the dandruff worse. What you need to do is to avoid eating fatty foods and incorporates fresh fruits and veggies that contain zinc and vitamin B. they can help the flakes in a haven. You can also try drinking beverages rich in probiotic or any group of good bacteria that can be visible in yogurt or in a supplement to fight the growth of yeast.

How often should i wash my hair?

An average woman spends around twenty three minutes just styling and drying her hair. If you will spend ½ of the time blow drying, twenty two minutes of her time is spent inside the shower room. She spends it washing and conditioning her hair. Do you know that around 40% of women shampoo daily? There are growing number of men & women leaving the routinely daily showers behind, hoping that this can help in solving their problems about their hair.

There were groups of people in the US alone with hair type that do not require daily shampooing, while African- American women for example needs to daily wash their hair. But women with Spanish blood tend to wash their hair less. Those with oilier and thinner hair are frequent washers. Though, there are benefits of not washing the hair daily, is it healthier for the hair and scalp to do this?

Well, there are some who actually think that it is very important to wash their hair daily for health reasons. It is about the habit of developing more hygienic practices to smell good. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the opposite is a fact. There is no scientific basis about washing the hair less healthy. The scalp and the hair are 2 different things. The scalp is the living one that must be cleansed all the time for oils to be able to stay healthy, while the hair is the dead one that tends to become dry after daily washing with a harsh shampoo.

The disagreement is that lathering up daily can strip away the natural oils of the hair and it can cause break off in time. Though, the detergent parts of the shampoo might be good for your scalp, they can take away the natural moisture of the hair. It is advisable to skip a day for shampooing, if needed you just have to rinse it off and then add a little amount of conditioner to the hair to make it healthy. When you wash your hair, you better be careful and only clean the scalp and the hairline instead of just lathering up the entire scalp until the ends.

For those with oily hair who wants to shampoo their hair often, you can use a dry shampoo instead to soak up the grease and give the hair some texture. You can apply it down to the roots and then work it through and then you can go over the entire thing with a hairdryer. But for people who would like observe no shampoo for days, you have to do this with caution, because the health of your scalp will be compromised. When you do not lather the hair too often, your hair will grow even more.

If you will not wash the hair for a week or 2, the dead hairs will start to gather in the scalp. Getting the dead hair out can boost new hair to grow. Some dermatologists have seen patients who were not able to shampoo and cleanser their hair for the longest time, some are successful in aching the healthy and fine look that they want, while some are not to the point that they need to cut out their hair to bring back its glow and health.

How often should i wash my hair? To shampoo or not to shampoo? These are just some of the hair queries these days. If you will not wash your hair daily, it will become dry and oily. But if you will wash it daily, it will become frizzy and dry. If this is the problem you are facing at the moment every time you go inside the shower room, you are not alone. A lot of people are not really sure of how often they need to wash their hair, but it might be lesser than the usual.

There are things you need to consider when it comes to daily shampooing. You need to consider your scalp condition if it is flaky or not. The condition of the hair should also be on top of your list, so that its texture will not be compromised. Dandruff prone hair must be washed daily, because the oil needs to be lessened and you also need to wash off the flakes which are actually dead skin cells.



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    Anyone here have very long hair with this issue?
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    Since my hair got so long I’ve only been washing once or twice a week..
    I thought it would be better..
    Any help would be greatly appreciated..
    And which if any brand dandruff shampoo works best with the least fragrance , side effects.

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